9th Stirling Techno-Rally Result

November 19, 2005       Place: Nippon Institute of Technology    

Prize Record @ No Team
Speed prize
L : Manned car class    8 minutes run
1st 1189.36m@@


Nakanihon Automotive College
2nd 521.1 m L`09 Faculty of Education, Utsunomiya University
3rd 33.5 m L`08 Setsunan University
NO : Normal size class    Oval 60meters run
1st 1066 NOA08 Shonan EcoDrive
2nd 2239 NOB01 Mizusima Technical High School
3rd 2241 NOA06 Private participant
4th 3151 NOB29 Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School
5th 3317 NOB28 Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School
6th 3489 NOB30 Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School
NY : Young class         Straight 10meters run
1st 452 NY05 Private participant
2nd 576 NY03 Toyasato Junior High School
3nd 736 NY04 Private participant
MS : Mini size Speed class      Oval 9 meters run
1st 1542 MSA05 Toride-1 High School
2nd 1572 MSB48 Toride-1 High School
3rd 1853 MSB74 Kuramae Technical High School
4th 1873 MSB46 Kurasiki Technical High School
5th 1922 MSB45 Kurasiki Technical High School
6th 1952 MSB53 Minowa Technical High School
MD : Acrobatic Duration class  @   Oval 13 meters with a loop
1st 9+1/2 loops  MDA06 PSPPKobo
2nd 8+1/2 loops MDA04 Tsuchiura Technical High School
3rd 3+1/2 loops MDA05 Ohmori-gakuen High School
C : Stirling Cooler using 3volts dry battery 
                                          the temperature drop for 10 minutes
1st 28.7 K CA04 PSPPKobo
2nd 26.5 K CB02 Suginami Technical High School
3rd 21.6 K CB03 Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology
4th 19.5 K CA08 Team Hongo 1
Idea prize
Gold NOA23 Meisei University
Silver MSB34 @ Keiyo Technical High School
Encouragement Prize
Gold L`10 Nippon Institute of Tchnology
Special Encouragement Prize
@ MSB15 @ Technical High School
@ @

Toyosato Junior High School


The number of registration

Manned Normal Young MS MD Cooler Total
10 57 6 110 11 16 210
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