10th Stirling Techno-Rally Result

November 18, 2006       Place: Nippon Institute of Technology      

Speed prize
L : Manned car class    10 minutes run
Prize No.
Team Record
Gold LA07

Faculty of Education, Utsunomiya University 893.5m@@
Silver LA08 Setsunan University 596.3m
Copper L‚`06 Kinki Polytechnic College, Shiga 118m

RC:Remote-Control car class  50m run

Gold RC07 Tsuchiura Technical High School    3543
Silver RC05 Shonan Institute of Technology 1' 0943
Copper RC06 Shonan Institute of Technology 1' 5540
4th RC09 Tsuchiura Technical High School 2' 0047
5th RC08 Kuramae Technical High School 2' 1913

N: Normal size class    Oval 100meters run

Gold NO58 Shonan Eco Drive 2384
Silver NO09 Kurashiki Technical High School 2696
Copper NO16 Omori Gakuen High School 2725
4th NO01 Mizushima Technical High School 3058
5th NO19 Yaeyama commercial and Technical@High School 3096
6th NO10 Kurashiki Technical High School  3396

M : Mini-size Acrobatic Duration class  @   Oval 13 meters with a loop@

Gold M 52 Kuramae Technical High School 12D5 loops
Silver M 54 Kuramae Technical High School@ 11D5 loops
Copper M 30 Toride-1 High School 10D5 loops
4th M 26 Suginami Technical High School@  8D5  loops
4th M 31 Toride-1 High School  8D5  loops
6th M 55 Kuramae Technical High School@  7D5  loops

NY : Young class         Straight 10meters run
Copper  NY01 Private participant 419
Copper NY02 Private participant 455

Stirling Cooler (Refrigerator)

SC100 : Stirling Cooler using AC100V ,
competing C.O.P.  while the machine lower the temperature of the aluminum block 10K within 5 minutes
Gold SC100-01 Tsuchiura Technical High School |10‚j / 4046J
Silver SC100-03 Numazu Technical High School | 2.1‚j
SC3 : Stirling Cooler using 3-volt dry battery, 
competing the temperature drop for 5 minutes
Gold SC3 07 Suginami Technical High School -25.0‚j
Silver SC3 06 Suginami Technical High School -15.7K
Copper SC3 10 Setsunan University -12.3‚j
4th SC3 05 Yonago National College of Technology -12.0‚j
5th SC3 13 Kitakyusyu National College of Technology -11.8‚j
6th SC3 03 Hatoyama  Research Committee (Private) - 4.2‚j

Idea prize & Encouragement prize
Gold NO66 Meisei University 
Gold NO19 Yaeyama commercial and Technical@High School
Silver NO60 Tsuchiura Technical High School
Silver LA12 Kagoshima University
Silver LA10

Setsunan University



L RC N NY MD SC100 SC3 Total
13 9 70 2 109 3 13 219
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